Radio Architecture - To Have Or To Be (1988)

Scottsdale, Arizona Synth-based group Radio Architecture had this local release in 1988 on their own label. Picked up a sealed copy recently at PDQ Records in Tucson.
Spandau Ballet, Ultravox and Heaven 17 all come to mind when listening.

Todd Carrie - Vocals, Bass
Brett Curtin - Vocals, Keyboards, Congas
Kevin Crosslin - Guitar, Synthesizer
Todd Jewell - Drums, Percussion
Adam Burke - Sitar
Kelly Ehret - Saxaphone

Written And Produced by Radio Architecture
All Songs copyright 1988 Radio Architecture

Downloads all available on main page :


Sean Dwyer said...

I just discovered your Blog and love it. You bring back some great memories. The Radio Architecture file you posted was removed from the server for lack of use. I would love to hear it again.

C said...

I have refreshed the link, enjoy!

Jennifer said...

Do you mind refreshing the link again please? I think "Go Where the Rain Goes" was played in an episode of Sanctuary. I'd like to hear it to see for sure, it was a really good song. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Todd Jewell, the drummer for Radio Architecture. I'm curious about the "Sanctuary" episode. Did you find out if our song was on that show?

Gage Underhill said...

Is it possible to get the music in mp3 format from you, I used to live with Todd and followed these guys all over loved their music still do, was way ahead of their time. BTW was cool seeing KEY100.3 on your sight i used to do voices for them. Gage

C said...

all downloads are available on the main page at