Lou Miami - Lou Miami and the Kozmetix (1982) & Rituals (1985)

Two ep's from Boston's Lou Miami. 1982's Self-tiled ep was produced by Ann Prim and Kearney Kirby from November Group. Lou sadly passed in 1995 at age 39.
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Lou Miami & the Kozmetix:
Lou Miami - Vocals
Jack Rootoo - Guitar
H.P. - Bass
Laurel Blanchard - Drums

Executive Producer: Michael Dreese

Modern Method Records


Lou Miami - Vocals
Jack Rootoo - Lead Guitar
Helen Privett - Bass Guitar
Laurel Blanchard - Drums
Toby Ingalls - Rhythm Guitars

Additional Musicians:
Chris Spedding - Guitars
Kristi Rose - Vocals

Produced By Garry Velletri

Throbbing Lobster

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/

1981's Blonde In A White Car


Anonymous said...

"i can't deal with the new romantics this year..." oh yes indeed.

also, maybe the best band name ever?

a great pick as always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting this up, it's really fantastic. I've been looking everywhere for copies of Lou Miami albums with no luck, in stores or the internet.

This looks like a fabulous site as well.

Thanks again,
Ben S.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've been looking for the single 'New Romantixs' since Internet exists!!

Sue said...

I've been looking for this stuff for years - can't thank you enough. Even though I worked with Lou I never managed to keep any copies of the vinyl. RIP Lou & Jack. You are both missed.

Anonymous said...

Jack Rootoo - guitar player for Lou Miami & Kozmetix passed away last Friday, June 13, 2008 at the young age of 51. RIP, Jack. It was an honor to know you.

mrs jackrootoo( mrsgalvin said...

Jack was someone I love with all my heart and soul. he was truely a special husband and father and a great musician .His sons are both musician we miss him every minute of the day. I'm happy so many people share their feeling about him . Thank you all

Jazzbo said...

RIP Jack
I can't seem to download these. Have they been removed?
Thanks for this great site.

PJS said...

They appear to still work, let me know if you still have trouble, zshare was down for awhile

Anonymous said...

You are my hero of heroes. Lou Miami & Phil'n'the Blanks side by side. Alas, just like jazzbo, I can't seem to download them either. The zshare pages show the file (40+mb), but all I'm able to get is an empty 7mb zip file, or nothing. Tried Mac & PC, firefox & Explorer.
I played these as a college DJ in Maine in 80-84 and have been looking for them forever. Any suggstions or or anything you could do to help me make this work would be immensely appreciated.

Merleman from Maine

Rolando said...

it seems the downloads in zshare don't work. Could you upload the files to another host? thanks and grettings from Peru.

PJS said...

I have re-upped both links! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

PJS - One Thousand Thanks for re-upping Phil 'n Lou. Have them both and my life is now more complete.

PS - sweet bonus to find the Suburbs & Refreshments fixed too.

Merleman from Maine

Voice Of Acid said...

If anyone has any info on how to get ahold of a copy of the studio cassette he had out (to shop for a record label?) and sent to radio stations for airplay *please* get in touch with me. THANKS!! (mine was lost in a move..) Mike Vengeance66@yahoo.com

Voice Of Acid said...

If anyone has any info on a demo studio cassette the band made (to shop for a label?) and was sent to area radio stations please please please get in touch with me!! Thanks!! Mine was sadly lost in a move. Mike Vengeance66@yahoo.com

Janis said...

I read the comment above and had to post, Jack was a stage name. lol
This is (I hate saying was) my uncle. The only thing I have of him is on my wedding tape, so I have searched and searched for the albums.
I'm glad I found this site. I know he had stashed cassette tapes of off-the-cuff stuff they'd do, just playing around, and I'm sure they're still around. I wanted to find a pic or two and hear a song or two. Every once in a while I'll think of him just out of the blue and remember him saying "if you ever doubt I love you, pull out this tape and remember my arm" (from my wedding, he'd hurt his arm the night before and it was still sore.) - and then I can laugh, wipe the tear in my eye, and move on...

Anonymous said...

i can't get enough of this stuff, and it seems the download links are long dead. any chance you could up these again? thanks!

manuel said...

This is an active link with both EPs.


Anonymous said...

I just got in touch w/ a friend & we use to see the group at "The Channel" & "Johnathan's". I am looking for any pictures from them, or just to look at from my computer of fans w/ them. The group would talk to us all the time. We must have seen the group 20 times maybe more. I want to surprise my friend w/ pictures. Don't know if anyone will see this but figured I would talk a chance. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I just found out he passed. I'm Melodye Chisholm (Buskin) and played drums in Lou's band.

Anonymous said...

I'm Melodye Chisholm (now Buskin) and used to be one of Lou's drummers. I have a rehearsal and live gig tape I kept. I will transfer to CD as soon as I can and upload on YouTube and other some sites. I'm sure everyone would like to hear it. Jack was the quietest guy on the punk scene I ever met!

Anonymous said...

What work did u do with Lou? I was his drummer for awhile. I'm Melodye Chisholm (now Buskin).

Anonymous said...

I played drums in Lou's band in the 80's. Anyone interested in contacting me on FB about 'Lou Miami' or 'Phobia', please feel free. Melodye Buskin (formerly 'Chisholm') or 'Melodye' on Reverb Nation.
I'm sure we can share some great stories.

Anonymous said...

I have a live gig and rehearsal cassette I'll transfer to CD n upload on some sites.
I used to drum for Lou as Melodye Chisholm (now Buskin) Contact me on FB.

Anonymous said...

I'm featured in the video above playing drums. See previous comment.