New Posts

After a lengthy hiatus, I will begin refreshing many of the links and hopefully have some new posts over the course of the next 30-60 days, time permitting!


Gustave said...

Please! This is a great blog! You've connected me to a lotta stuff I was badly missing and a lot more I didn't know I loved! Thank you so much!

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Happy Holidays and get your blog up and running again - remember, your blog was the first blog i have ever visited...!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi, your comments on the Stumbles album has me anxious to listen but the link fails. Hope to be albe to listen soon. Thanks for all your effort.

harleytexas said...

or not.

KISSMAR said...

Hello great blog many quirks for me ... hello is to appreciate the effort that makes a.. per share without asking anything in return .. just thank..may ask you to update..

The Distant - Secrets Of Desire (1986)
Destiny - Destiny ep (1980)
The Phones - Something I Said 7 (1981)
phonesbackThe Phones - Something I Said 7 1981
Fanatiks - Here There Be Tigers (1985)
backFanatiks - Here There Be Tigers (1985)

thanks in advance :)

my blog,I put your blog link
forum whit friend (much..Members: 2758)
Here comes the effort is valued

Marcelo (
Kissmar or The Heaven (in forum)


harleytexas said...

I guess you have had no time

harleytexas said...

I guess not

Unknown said...

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