Johnny Analog - Agent Provocateur (1988)

From North of the border, Toronto electronic pioneer Johnny Analog released this 6 song ep in 1988. A former member of Digital Nation, Analog teamed with Nathan Berman to produce this digital Electro dance piece.
Cookie from Canada was kind enough to send this cool vinyl my way so I could share it, thanks!

Produced by Johnny Analog and Nathan Berman
Recorded at PVO Studios Toronto

Johnny Analog- vocals, voltage, sequencers
Nathan Berman- sequencers, guitar, b-vocals
Cathy Septembre- b-vocals

Downloads all available on main page :


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your incredible blog. Could you repost this?

PJS said...

yes, give me a couple days, I'll let you know when it is ready!

PJS said...

I have re-uploaded it, enjoy!

ericklaver said...

I had this album in 88 and sae JA and Nathan Berman perform at the Beverly in 87 I think it was (maybe 86). What ever happened to them?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having this blog, it is a treasure trove of the strange, wondrous and/or Arizonan.

That said, the link seems to be down, I would appreciate it greatly if you could re-up it.

Christopher said...

I met Johnny Analog in the 80's after he did a concert at University of Toronto. He gave me a tape of his album. He was a diverse performer and a nice guy.