Steve Almaas - Beat Rodeo (1982)

Leader of Beat Rodeo, this is the ep that Steve Almaas (Suicide Commandos) put out with the help of Mitch Easter (Let's Active) and Richard Barone (The Bongos) that led to the formation of Beat Rodeo. Released on Coyote Records, these 4 songs were recorded at Easter's Drive In Studio and definitely have his touch on them. Beat Rodeo went on to release a couple of albums (without Barone and Easter). Almmaas is still pyutting out quality work - check out his latest: -

Steve Almaas - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Mitch Easter - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Richard Barone - Guitar, Vocals

Produced by Richard Barone
Recorded by Mitch Easter

Downloads all available on main page :


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