Illustrated Man - Mini LP (1984)

From Wikipedia: Illustrated Man (circa 1984) were a funk-rock band featuring Hugo Burnham (ex-Gang of Four), Roger Mason (The Models)(keyboards), Rob Dean (ex-Japan guitarist) and Australian singer/bassist Philip Foxman(Supernaut).

They had hits with songs such as ‘Head over Heels’ ‘Just Enough’ and ‘Fall from Grace’ and their sound was likened to UK bands such as Japan, Simple Minds and Duran Duran - they are also believed to have influenced Inxs.

Consisting of some excellent musicians with a successful track record, the band was initially hailed as a supergroup - Roger Mason had recorded and toured internationally with artists such as Gary Numan, Rob Dean had been an integral part of Japan and Hugo Burnham had been part of the highly influential Gang of Four (Jon King, Dave Allen, Hugo Burnham and Andy Gill).

Regarded as an excellent live band they were thought to be the next big thing but their success was relatively short-lived.

Foxman is still making music: Buy his CD!

Robert Dean - Guitar And Noises
Roger Mason - Keyboards And Computers
Hugo Burnham - Premier Drums And Percussion
Phillip Foxman - Bass Guitars And Lead Vocals

Produced By John Punter

Both Head Over Heels Mixes by Steve Thompson
Just Enough remixed by John Luongo

Downloads all available on main page :


Mr. X said...

Fantastic record and btw - very nice blog... thanks for sharing.

PJS said...

Thanks! Appreciate the nice words, glad you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

i have head over heals single- absolutely mint unplayed with 3 a4 photos and some info from EMI (guess it was a promo). you want to buy?

christopherfbh said...

Hi I'm having problems downloading the Illustrated Man e.p. It seems like the zshare link loops back on itself when you click on it, and the download never begins. Is this gem still available for download? And if not, could you please re-post it? My thanks in advance to you and your wonderful blog.

PJS said...

ok, I re-upped it, enjoy!

christopherfbh said...

Thanks you so much! I miss this album, and it's nice to have it again. And again, thank you for your kindness & generosity!

PJS said...

No problem!