Modest Proposal - Nobody Says No / I've Seen Your Face ...7" (1985)

Nobody Says No is a long-time favorite of mine from this Washington, DC band. Released on One Dimension Records in 1985. I don't believe they had any other records.

Modest Proposal:
Neal Augenstein - Vocals
Bill Crandall - Guitar: Backing Vocals
Perry Flint - Electric Bass
Bob Minard - Drums

Produced by: Wick

Recorded at Hit & Run studio in Rockville, MD

Downloads all available on main page :


Anonymous said...

Modest Proposal did have a full length album on Unicorn Records. Neal Augenstein currently works for a news radio station (WTOP) in Washington, DC. He also played in another DC Mod band called The Mondays who had a four song EP also on Unicorn Records.

Lawrence said...

Glad to find this post. I bought that single back in the day and still love it. Both sides!

Anonymous said...

It appears that there is a Modest Proposal reunion in the works. Neal is documenting the timeline on This should be a great deal of fun.