The Stumbles - Best Of The Greatest Hits (Volume Seven) (1998)

Unfortunately, the second and final CD released by The Stumbles, which picked up where their debut left off. Larger crowds, courting by record labels and ultimately, too much nightlife led to the demise of one of Arizona's finest near miss bands.
Adding Dusty Denham on drums for the CD but utilizing Scott Hessel live, the Stumbles were all over the musical map and their album artwork, a nod to the K-Tel records of the 70's, was a perfect fit. Boy In The Bubble is as fine a pop song as there was and San Francisco was a live crowd favorite. Moffatt and Sadler continued on minus Walker and later became Big Moxie.

The Stumbles:
Mark Moffatt - Guitar and Lead and Back-Up Vocals
Ron Walker - Guitar and Lead and Back-Up Vocals
Matt Sadler - Bass
Dusty Denham - Drums

Downloads all available on main page :


Cait said...

Hi there! The link for the second Stubles record has expired. any chance of a repost? Thanks! :-)

C said...

I have refreshed both links, enjoy

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the zip file but only 3 songs will unzip. The others get the following errors.

Extracting 03 You Are The One.mp3
Error: invalid compressed data to inflate
Extracting 04 Disco Song.mp3
bad CRC 1c6870bf (should be 79a99d41)
Warning: the size of the extracted file (5490853) does not match the uncompressed size (5490863) recorded in the zip file
Extracting 05 San Francisco.mp3
Error: invalid compressed data to inflate

Anonymous said...

thanx for the music. The stumbles downloads appear to be "corrupt" per my zip program. =( i did enjoy what i was able to download. Thanks!

C said...

the files are now loaded in dropbox on the main page, enjoy!