The Zarkons - Riders In The Long Black Parade (1985)

Formerly the Alleycats, this is their first LP under the moniker of The Zarkons. A fuzzy sound that is sometimes similar to X, they even cover White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane. They released one more LP in 1988 after replacing drummer John McCarthy before disbanding.
Oddly, theis LP is titled Riders In The Long Black Parade on the cover yet the LP itself replaces Black with Dark. From Timecoast Communications and Marketed by Enigma Records.
Produced by Randy Stodola

The Band:
John McCarthy - Drums
Randy Stodola - Guitar, Vocals
Dianne Chai - Bass Guitar, Vocals

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this!!!

I've been looking for this for a while, the last release by the original Alley Cats trio.

Do you have/will you be posting "Between the Idea and the Reality"?

Does anyone know what happened to the members of the Alley Cats? They seem to have just disappeared - I never even find them interviewed with regard to L.A. punk or anything. Which is odd, as "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" is just as iconic an L.A. punk song as any of the other L.A. Punk classics, plus they were one of the earlier such groups as well.

Donut Duck said...

In case you are interested, i have a nice find: Phoenix' Our Neighbors Suck LP on the unholy R-O-R label.


Antoine said...

Nice place :)

Antoine said...
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Princess Sparkle Pony said...

I remember seeing the Alley Cats two or three times in Tucson. They were unbelievably good. God, I saw them at the Stumble Inn.

It's a great tragedy that their recordings never sounded as good as they were live. Their first album, Nightmare City, was an overproduced travesty. Totally ruined their sound.

Live, I'd stare, mesmerized, at Diane's incredible bass playing. And her hair. Wow!

I think the Jetsons opened for them at Stumble Inn. They were very "new wave," but incredibly fun.

Anonymous said...
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Paul said...

Dead link, unfortunately. Nice blog, though...


C said...

I have refreshed the link, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this - very difficult to find. One of the great great LA bands from that era. If you have not found it yet, they recently reissued a compilation of select stuff, though unfortunately some of the Dangerhouse single-versions aren't included. You can track down more on them from their MySpace page:

Anonymous said...

One of the most underrated LP's of all-time. Just the perfect companion to the Alley Cats - Escape From Planet Earth LP. All those idiots who wrote them off after Nightmare City were never really fans of this band as far as I am concerned. One of the greatest bands of the late-70'-early 80's. Love, love, love this band!