The Cheeters - Easy To Please Me/You Ain't Breakin' Nobody's Heart 7" (1985)

This 7" is from 1985 is pretty straight ahead 80's AOR, professionally done, notable for being engineered and mixed by Butch Vig (who also
produced their 1988 full length). They also had a 7" single in 1986, all released on Boat Records. Vig also takes credit for tambourines. recorded and Mixed at Smart Studios in Madison, WI.

Produced by William W. Caplinger and The Cheeters

Dr. Dave Dodger - acoustic and Simmons drums, vocals
Tom Cobb - guitar, vocals
Ashley Harrington - vocals, percussion
Pete Moss - bass, vocals
C.J. Summerfield - guitar, keyboards, vocals

Backing vocals on "Easy To Please Me"- Ashley Harrington, Christine Hess, Lynette Marguiles, Kristy Larson
Handclaps by Eddie Reynolds, The Cheeters, Lynette
Keyboards on "Easy To Please Me" - Franz Zermuehlen

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Ezreal said...

Butch Vig also produced Galen Herod and the Skin People's "Fix Your Head" CD, and released it on Boat Records. Also had a single ("Mr. Frotian") out of it. I'm surprised to see Vig produced two Valley bands. That's rather cool.

harada57 said...
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djcrew said...

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