Norm Norman - Norm Norman Ep (1983)

The only release I believe from Norm Norman/The Norm released in 1983 on High Velocity Records/Rocshire records, this 6 song self-titled Ep featured You're A Zombie which received alternative radio airplay and an MTV video featuring Billy Barty. Produced by Norm Norman and Paul Ratajczak except 5 & 6 by Norm Norman and Ted Vegvari.

Norm Norman - Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitars
Allan Adams - Keyboards, Marimba, Background [1-3]
Larry Bustamante - Lead and Rhythm Guitars [1-4]
Paul Comstock - Drums [1-4]
Chuck Jones - Bass [1-4]
Wendy Joy - Backing Vocals, PR
Dan Hurley - Guitars and Backing Vocals [5-6]
Ted Vegvari - Bass [5-6]
Richie Mortensen - Drums [5-6]
Corky Tanassy - Rhythm Guitar [1]

Front Cover by Cee Farrow
Back cover by Rosie Fitts

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