The Quake FM99 Presents... The Rock Of 1984

Part of the Miller High Life Rock To Riches contest, this LP highlights the Bay Area New Wave and Power Pop artists. Some outstanding cuts from Robert Seidler, Fade To Black, Flying Tigers, Voice Farm and Perfect Strangers,as well as Population R and the Uptones.

Downloads all available on main page :


Anonymous said...

This is brilliant, thanks for that.

Local compilations are always a great mix of bands, most of whom were destined to go nowhere but in glorious style. Even the stuff which kinda doesn't work is still worth hearing in this context.

RX would be everyone's favourite if only anyone had ever heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Another Stir-ups track here:

Anonymous said...

I saw the concert that The Quke put on for this one...At The Kabuki Theater in SF...Great show...I smoked two packs of Camels that night and didn't find the girl I was supposed to meet until after the show...Fade To Black became one of my favorite bands (kind of like positive goth?!?!)...just bought the vinyl on e-bay (someone stole it from me in the early nineties)...but thanks for the download!!!


Anonymous said...

Dude, just wanted to say thanks. It was a dark day when The Quake went off the air.

Stewart A. Williams said...

Thanks a million for this. In '84 I wore a hole in this tape and had a coveted t-shirt with the Quake logo. Tim Bedore, where are you now?

Greenman said...

Dang! Download is dead! Too late. Had Robert S, Pop R, Perfect Strangers vinyl. Would love to hear this set. If you want to share email me at rjpa11 (that's RJPA-one-one)

Thanks a million!

Aw hell, TWO million!!

C said...

All the downloads are now on the front page!

Wyatt said...

Hey gang,

I was one of the original air personalities hired at the Quake.

It was 1982 and I really had no concept that the station would become somewhat of a pioneer regarding "Modern Rock"


Wyatt Jennings

FYI...I am currently uploading my personal audio broadcasts to my site : (look in Wyatts Broadcasts (Pro).

Wyatt said...

Listen to some of my actual broadcasts from the Quake at

Anonymous said...

thanks wyatt

Wyatt Jennings said... undergoes consistent yet sluggish changes. By no means am I webmaster by any shape or form!