Teds - The Eighties Are Over... (1981) 7"

A Placebo Records release from one of the co-founders of the label (Greg Hynes), only 500 were produced of this record, picked it up online for next to nothing.
Hynes moved on to Mighty Sphincter after this and is still a member of that band. Quirky Post-Punk and highly enjoyable. Not the highest quality recording and the back sleeve has the songs in the wrong order, but well worth the listen!

Band Members:
Bob Peterson - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Greg Hynes - Drums, Marimba, Vocals
Mark Bycroft - Bass, Percussion, Vocals

Produced by the Teds, Ed & Tony Beram
Executive Producers: Mersey Productions

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/

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Anonymous said...

Just picked up a nice copy of this record in Mesa, AZ for 50cents. My copy has a insert. It has a picture of the band and the song lyric's on the insert.