Al Perry's Clambake KXCI

Legendary musician and all-around Great Guy Al Perry hosts a Tucson radio show on Monday nights ( from 10-Midnight and recently featured music from the blog for a good portion of the first hour of his show. He gave this blog and my companion site a nice plug and played many of the vinyl rips I have done for the site (with a few cassette rips thrown in as well). I have re-created the playlist here, download and enjoy, and most important of all, support Al and if he strolls into your town, make sure you go see him. His new CD is great and his catalog is extensive. I posted an old 7" recently, drop him a line and pick up some cool tunes!

Downloads all available on main page :


David said...

This one has been removed from ZSHare... can you put it back, pretty please?

PJS said...

It has been re-uploaded!

Anonymous said...

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