The Phones - Something I Said 7" (1981?)

I'm making my best guess on the year for this rocker from Arizona's The Phones. My copy is pretty worn of this solid single and I did my best on the transfer.
The A side is Something I Said and the B side is No Way. Word has it they put on a pretty wild show back in the day!

The Phones:
Dan Bliss - Bass Guitar, Harp
Michael Keefer - Six and Twelve String Guitars
Jon Norwood - Drums, Sleeve Design

Produced By The Phones
Recorded at Topanga

Michael Keefer wrote both songs

Downloads all available on main page :


Anonymous said...

This one is really brilliant! A gem rescued from utter obscurity.

Michael said...

Jon Norwood! The BEST drummer Phoenix ever produced. Truly great person, showman, musician... My friend. Went on to Beat Angels. RIP.

Anonymous said...

rebel rebel you tore your dress
rebel rebel your face is a mess
jonny jonny she said youre the best
you were the best
we miss you jon

Anonymous said...

I saw the Phones a number of times in 1980. It was one of the most awesome shows I have ever seen. The drummer was a powerhouse and the guitar player played a 12 str guitar as if it was a 6 str. It was like watching the Who!!! So sad that Jon passed away. The guitarist now works for Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development in Orlando and owns a local studio that is used by Slash, Paul Gilbert, and many other rock Icons. I miss all the Mason Jar groups, Eddie