Noel & The Red Wedge - Peer Pressure (1982)

New Wave/Dance-Pop featuring Noel (who put out a quasi-disco record in 1979 "Dancing Is Dangerous" written and produced by The Mael Brothers (Sparks)) and legendary keyboardist/producer Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Elvis Costello, The Bangles, Los lobos and many more), Thom Mooney who was also in Nazz, Veyler Hildebrand who played with John Hiatt and Ricky Phillips who was in The Babys, Styx, Bad English and Coverdale-Page. Released in 1982 on Scotti Brothers Records.

The Band:
Noel - Vocals, Background vocals
John Aseley Otten - Guitar, Background Vocals
Thom Mooney - Drums
Veyler Hildebrand - Bass
Kurt Kearnes - Guitar
Ricky Phillips - Bass, Background Vocals
Frankie Bonali - Drums
Mitchell Froom - Keyboards

Produced by Ron Kramer and Mitchell Froom

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is rare indeed. I've been looking for it for a long time.
It wasn't very hard to find the Sparks produced "Is There More To Life Than Dancing" vinyl(Ebay,, but this one I thought I would never find.

Must say there's a huge difference in style between those two records.
She sings with a deeper voice on "Is There More..." too.

Brilliant job with the sound, it's very clean.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote the songs on this record? Was there any input from the Mael brothers this time?

PJS said...

Noel took writing credits for Waiting and partnered with J.A. Otten on Peer Pressure and with Tom Bariller on She's A Big Girl Now. She also partnered with Bariller and D. McDermott on Special To You. Bariller also wrote Slow Motion.
Froom teamed with J. Stahl on Still Life With Luger, Specimen, Act Of Love and Stranger.
Ricky Phillips is credited on Tell Me Why.
The Mael Brothers do not appear anywhere on any credits

Anonymous said...

The Mael Brothers had nothing to do with this record which explains the big difference in the styles. It was originally conceived by Noel and Tom Barillier. Mitchell Froom played keyboards on the demo, took them to Ron Kramer and he got the deal with Scotti Brothers. With no disrespect to Mitchell Froom and Ron Kramer, the demos had much more of a bite to them.

Steve said...

This album is now available on Amazon:

Anonymous said...

Oh no The link is dead
And chance of a re-upload


Anonymous said...

Okay then just found the drop box links, brilliant
Though I'm still trying to find the Is there more to life than dancing album
You haven't got it have you?
Thanks again for the brilliant blog

Anonymous said...

Re-up, please!!!