Cellophane Ceiling - The Beauty Of It All (1986)

Released at the end of 1986 on the band's own label, Main Vein Records, The Beauty Of It All by Cellophane Ceiling, sometimes referred to as the loudest band in Omaha, Nebraska, is a classic. This young 3 piece (the members were 19,22 and 25) had been together almost a year by the time they recorded this. They opened for Husker Du, The Replacements, Dead Milkmen and Soul Asylum. This is their 2nd release, their first being a four song cassette. This LP was produced by Anthony Marchant.

From the World Herald Newspaper by James Healy (January 11th, 1987):
Omaha's Cellophane Ceiling raises the roof with "The Beauty Of It All," a raucous, nine song album that is a triumph of garage-band intensity and studio precision.
Providing a change of pace in local music, the "thrashabilly" band pulls no punches on vinyl and never sounds self-concious.
What really pushes this album into the realm of excellence, however, is the trio's consistently gutsy, ever surprising musicianship. John C. Wolf's incisive guitar and vocals, Chris Sterba's punchy bass loops and Steve Coleman's wrecking-crew drums make for a remarkably tight weave.

Here's a handwritten letter that was inside my copy of the LP from John Wolf, the band leader, to a distributor.

Cellophane Ceiling was:

John Wolf - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Chief Writer
Steve Coleman - Drums
Chris Sterba - Bass, Keyboards

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/


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