Jeff Dahl - The Powertrip ep (1982)

This 7" from legendary Punk Rocker Jeff Dahl is a real treat. I got it directly from Jeff a few months back when I met him at a record show and you won't find too many people as nice as him. With just an unbelievable number of releases in his prolific career, this is an especially cool 7".
As he explains on the back cover - It was recorded after I quit The Angry Samoans in 1982. For years now, Mystic Records has been releasing this and the quality of the pressings I've heard have left something to be desired. I can only imagine that Mystic was using a poor tape copy or an old record for the source of the reissues. These are completely different recordings than those on the Powertrip album. While rummaging through my archives (read: closet) I came across a couple boxes of this single which I had forgotten about. This is the original pressing and it sounds the way it was meant to.

Jeff has also been in a number of bands in addition to Angry Samoans, Vox Pop and DC 3 to name a few.

Don Bolles (Germs, 45 Grave, Nervous Gender) played drums and Todd Homer (Angry Samoans) played bass.

The Band:
Jeff Dahl - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Todd Homer - Bass
Don Bolles - Drums
Cat & Kathleen - Backing Vocals

Produced by Jeff Dahl and Steve Brenner

Downloads all available on main page :


Elvis said...

Bummer, This link has gone dead.

PJS said...

I have refreshed the link, enjoy!

jnobody said...

Hmmm...I've not had problems elsewhere on blogs, even from blogspot, but this link isn't workin fer me. It's addin numbers'ta yer downloads each time I click it, but it's never startin the DL.

PJS said...

I have refreshed the link!

Anonymous said...

Had no problem grabbing it-THANX dude!!!!!!! Been looking for the Powertrip album for years. So while the search continues for that at least I have this to tide me over. Thank you so much.

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