Snake-Out - Gollywobblers From Hell! (1985) & Live Pizza (1986)

2 LP's from these wacked out, zany, punk surfabilly rockers that are both loaded with politically incorrect lyrics, awesome tunes and fun! Live Pizza even came in a miniature pizza box in lieu of an album jacket. It was recorded live (obviously) and they also offered a Video Cassette of the show. If I'd only ordered one! Both records are on Wanghead (with Lips) Records.

Len Puch - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Reagan - Drums, Yelps
Greg Mitchell - Bass

Background Vocals:
John Davids, Tim Rounsifer (Lead Vocals on Fat Lisa), Greg Haener, Jim Auge, Warren Defever, Rick Mills, Tom McHenry, Buzz Chevillot, Elvis Hitler, Beata McHenry, Lydon Way, Kirk Olmstead, Bryan Fox, Jim Edwards, Deano Kovas

Vegas Raz - Lead Vocals on Love Comes In Chunks
Creepy Rick - Lead Vocals on Good Goobley Goo

Downloads all available on main page :


poodle said...

Hi - it'd be much appreciated if you could-re-up these two. My ex nicked my copies when we split 9 years ago, and i've just been reminded of them while digging around to replace my Art Phag vinyl that went the same way. Nice one, cheers.

PJS said...

I've refreshed the links, enjoy!!

poodle said...

can ya feel that appreciation, huh? My unlimited lurv to y'all for your obligiosity in this matter.

George said...

Any chance you could re-up Live Pizza? I've been trying to find this one again for years!

C said...

I have refreshed both links, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Live Pizza link not working