Channel Three - Last Time I Drank... (1985)

Enigma Records released this LP, an attempt by the group to gain a wider audience.
It's probably my favorite record of theirs. These guys are still together making great music!
From the Channel 3 website CH3 then delivered Last Time I Drank in 1985, a record that many hardcore punk fans found not only a shocking display of musicianship, but also a blatant display of disrespect of all things bald, broke, and smelling of clove cigarettes. This one even had a saxophone on it for God's sake! Never fond of the strict conformity of Punk Rock's non-conformist manifesto, the band continued to explore musically.

From Trouser Press (Ira Robbins): The even-better Last Time I Drank finds the Magrann/Lansford writing/singing partnership firing on all rockets. Putting a mature post-punk sensibility to melodic hard-rock with an occasional Southwestern twist, CH3 comes through with an exciting record that packs a punch yet keeps both feet on the ground. Making memorable music this energetic without collapsing into raucousness or resorting to metallic precision isn't easy, but every song on the album finds a way to do it. Perhaps the Aerosmith cover ("Lord of the Thighs") is a clue. Of all the early punk bands, CH3 is one of the few that outgrew the genre without sacrificing its credibility.
[Ira Robbins]

The Band:
Michael Magrann, Jay Lansford and Dusty Watson(Stepmothers, Agent Orange, Concrete Blonde among many others)
Produced By Ron Goudie

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Anonymous said...

it's really great to hear this. love the sleeve as well! remeniscent of some other punk groups who made the difficult transition into mid-80's rock, whether successfully (The Outcasts) or not (The Clash...if one dares to say).

excellent choice as always!!!

Honquijote said...

- I've been blastin' out "The Skinhead Years" frequently but somehow I've missed this one...Thanks man !

Anonymous said...


I've been looking all over for Channel 3's Last Time I Drank! Thanks for posting this. Can you refresh the download it isn't working.

I graduated high school in '85 and wore out my cassette of this album driving all over Orange County.


PJS said...

There you go, I re-upped it for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SOOOOO Much. It's funny how the quality of the music is less important than the memories sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Just got to listen to this. You did an excellent job ripping this off of vinyl.

PJS said...

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words!

7 said...

Is there anywhere you know of that I might find the Indian Summer 7"? It's the only CH3 I'm missing. Thank you.

C said...

Hey 7, I don't have it but have been looking for it as well and will let you know if I find it!

jeffen said...

Here is "Indian Summer" alongside the Airborne e.p. (which will be up by 10/27/09 anyway)

I linked to here for this album.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

What online mags do you read and would recommend?

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Looking forward to your recommendations.


Steve said...

Cheers for this, excellent!!!
Been looking for this for ages. It's the only recording i don't have from CH3. I've got the track - Last Time I Drank - on the 'How Do You Open The Damn Thing" live album plus the Airborne EP.
This will fit nicely in the collection,
thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Do you have Channel 3's Rejected Album? And if you do can you make that one down loadable also?

C said...

Sorry I don't but would love to hear it. If someone has it let me know. I'd be happy to post it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for doing this!!! It is impossible to find! I was growing old, waiting for Enigma Records (or whoever owns the catalog) to digitize this. I'm pretty sure that is never going to happen. Most CH3 fans don't seem to like this record, and there doesn't seem to be much effort to get a CD out. Same thing as Dan posted here: I wore out multiple cassettes of this album my freshman year of college back in '85. Thanks again!

los4wrds said...
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los4wrds said...

Hey there, I have to tell you that I was super excited to find this download on your page but sadly it seems to have expired. Any chance you could upload it again? I know I am a few years late in finding it but I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pleas up it again! PLEASE!

cheeseburger said...

Why, why is it that so many mid 80's releases are not available. Gosh! So CH3's release 'Last time I drank' is so hard to find. is not available on digital media. CD/streaming. WHY? So is their album 'Rejected'. Who or what can get this music or shall I say, LOST music back on track. There is NO legal shit when it comes to lost recordings. I mean just get it out there. Please, have these bands with lost recordings back to releasing the 'mid' stuff. BAD RELIGION....release the SECOND record. The music is there, the tape is there, I have the record, just release the stuff that is hard to get. it exists. Put it out...ALL BANDS please do it!