Baxter Robertson - Panorama View Ep (1983)

Baxter Robertson had a minor hit in Silver Strand (People In Motion) from this 1983 RCA release. He went on to release two full LP's (Vanishing Point II and Mere Mortals) but this solid 5 song ep was by far my favorite. He also had a song on the original Karate Kid Soundtrack (Feel The Night), which was co-written by Bill Conti.

Robertson later went on to be in Family Pets and Sofa Lords (among others).

Robertson's daughter plays guitar in The Donna's.

Produced by Tony Peluso

The Band:
Alan Maggini - Lead Guitar
Jay Bodean - Vocals, Bass
David Adelstein - Synthesizers
Gary Durrett - Drums
Baxter Robertson - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Downloads all available on main page :

Baxter Robertson's Silver Strand received light airplay on MTV.


PapayaSF said...

Wow, thanks for this! I have the vinyl but no place for my turntable.

mlynch65 said...

Hey Guy, How Can I get the video downloaded as well love this Album, played in College Radio in the day? Would love to put in itunes video?

C said...

send me your e-mail address

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Sounds as terrific as it did 26 years ago.

Phil said...


The link to the album is not working.

I'd love to hear the "Siver Strand" song again.

A new/working link would be greetly appreciated. :):):)

Marilyn Estrada said...

WOw do u still have this???

Mark said...

How can I get a copy to download onto a mix CD? I've been looking for this song for 20 years!

C said...

Just go to home page and there is a link
For all downloads!

Razrroth said...

Is this the same Baxter Robertson that did "No Simple Cure"?
I have a fairly-okay digitized version of that song, and have been searching for a better version of it.
No luck yet.