Cook The Books - Piggie In The Middle Eight/ Gone To Black 12" (1982)

By request, Cook The Book's debut 12" single, recorded , according to wikipedia, in response to the widespread British Riots in 1981.
Hailing from Liverpool, England, they later changed their name to Cook Da Books and released an LP in 1983.
The B-side is an instrumental with many songs combined including the theme from Hawaii Five-O, Batman and Piggie In The Middle Of Eight.

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Band Members:

Owen Moran - Vocals, Bass
Peter Deary - Vocals, Guitar
Tony Prescott - Keyboards
John Legget - Drums, Percussion

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PJS said...

Thanks! More to come this month!

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great that you're back; looking forward to see what's coming up...any more 80s obscurities also welcome..take care, best wishes

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Awesome blog. Love all the Arizona stuff, especially the Al Perry 7". Any chance you'll ever upload his album Cattle Crossing?

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Thanks trevor, appreciate the kind words. I will ask Al if he would mind, I know he was still selling it on his old site so I don't want to take any money out of his pocket! It's a classic though!

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Can you direct me to the site? I'd love to buy it if it is still available. I thought it was long out of print.

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