Spooner - Every Corner Dance (1982)

This power pop record by Spooner is notable for Doug "Duke" Erikson and Butch Vig who went on to fame in Garbage, and obviously Vig's Producing career.

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This was released on CD in the late 80's as a twofer but has long been out-of print.

Dave Benton - Guitar, Vocals
Doug Erikson - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano on "Cruel School"
Joel Tappero - Bass
Butch Vig - Drums, Vocals
Jeff Walker - Keyboards

Produced by Gary Kiebe and Spooner

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/


PapayaSF said...

This one sounds interesting, but it's caught in a weird zShare loop that never actually downloads the file....

PJS said...

I have refreshed the link, enjoy!

Hazy Dave said...

FYI, one of the songs on the vinyl - "Doing Time" - was left off the CD release, so one of the tunes here is even harder to find than the rest!

Anonymous said...

It seems the link for download is not working.

Anonymous said...

All downloads are available on the main page www.azlocal.blogspot.com. Enjoy