Bootbeast - Carnival 7" and Bootbeast 12" (1990)

By request, Bootbeast (Bootbeast Carnival as they were know on the More Coffee compilation)

Two reviews sum up their sound nicely, which is a gloomy blend of punk, metal and pre-grunge.

carnival 7"

noiseville. 8 / 2 tracks / 1989

feat. ex-Drunks with Guns / Mighty Sphincter members. 500 made, some on gold vinyl. + label flyer.

Experimental (post-)hardcore remotely resembling Die Kreuzen's sound. Strange guitar riffs, vocals are rather sung than screamed. Despite the experimental approach the music is powerful & compact.

The following year, after they released a self-titled cassette tape which New Times writer David Koen (April 1990) accurately describes their sound:

If Anne Rice invited Rush, Vincent Price, and Led Zeppelin over for drinks and rolled this tape to provide some instant atmosphere, no one would complain. Bootbeast is a postmodern, haunted-house cruise through the inner sanctums of art-metal.

Sometimes the Tempe band chokes on the songs' own atmosphere. But then sometimes Bootbeast emerges from the fogginess. It's this kind of well-balanced horror movie/rock 'n' roll hybrid that appeals to the doomster in us all.

they released this 4 song self titled 12".

Jim Andreas - Vocals
Mike Doskocil - Drums
Jeff O'Rourke - Guitars
Lloyd Whittaker - Bass

Lyrics- Andreas Music Andreas/Doskocil,O'Rourke, Whittaker

Produced by Greg Horn
Engineered by Andy Kern

Recorded at Cereus Recording

Download Bootbeast - Carnival 7"

Download Bootbeast 12"


Donut Duck said...

Thanks alot for that one! What a great band!


Vil said...

Singer went on to sing for Trunk Federation in the 90s which had a fair amount of regional success

carl said...

I don't suppose you could upload this again? I heard John Peel play "Doris Day's Doorstep" about a hundred years ago and I still hear it in my mind with disconcerting regularity...

Pad said...

Please can we get a re-up of Doris Day Doorstep?

For my friend Carl. And me!



Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Well, here they are:


Carl said...

Donut Duck, you're a marvel.
Many, many thanks.
Sounds just like I recall, except just a little bit weirder.
This is a good thing.

Pad said...

You, sir, are invited for drinks with Rush, Vincent Price, Led Zeppelin and Anne Rice.

One thousand thanks from the inner sanctum!