Gleaming Spires - Party Ep (1984) & Welcoming A New Ice Age (1985)

The Final two releases from Gleaming Spires, the Party Ep from 1984 on The Vodka Label (Posh Boy's attempt at separating their punk releases) and the final LP Welcoming A New Ice Age from 1985 on Tabb Records.

From Allmusic (Michael Sutton):

The Gleaming Spires didn't want it released as a single or even included on an album, but "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?" turned out to be the new wave band's only hit. Originally meant as a modest B-side, "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?" had novelty appeal; the track was eventually used on the Revenge of the Nerds soundtrack in 1984 and in strip clubs. The Gleaming Spires formed in Los Angeles, CA, in 1981 by Bob Haag (vocals, guitar), Leslie Bohem (bass), and David Kendrick (drums). Members shifted back and forth between the Gleaming Spires and Bates Motel. The Gleaming Spires released their first album, Songs of the Spires, in 1981. The Spires developed a cult following in L.A.; however, other than "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?," the group didn't find much airplay. Haag, Bohem, and Kendrick also became Sparks' new rhythm section that year, playing on the LP Whomp That Sucker, a record that revitalized Sparks' rock & roll edge. The Spires continued to record albums such as Life Out on the Lawn in 1982 and Walk on Well Lighted Streets in 1983. In 1986, Kendrick joined Devo. Bohem became a screenwriter and director. The nearly forgotten "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?" was dusted off for Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80's, Vol. 3 in 1994. Haag joined Speed Limit in the '90s, releasing Going in 1999.
The Band:
Party EP-
Les "Misery Is My Middle Name" Bohem
David "Chronic Party Lad" Kendrick
Bob "Happy Boy" Haag
Jimbo "Gumbo" Goodwin
Welcoming A New Ice Age-
Les Bohem - Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers
David Kendrick - Drums, Percussion
Bob Haag - Guitars, Background Vocals
Jimbo Goodwin - Keyboards
Greg Penny - Synthesizers, Guitars, Background Vocals
with "The Horns Of Desire"
Bobby Moore - Sax
Dana Wylie - Trumpets
and "The Passionettes"-
Background Vocals- Katia Empkowicz Penny
Patty Foley
Beau Wesley
The Happy Boy
The Party God
Fanny Penny
Jonathan Gold - Cello
Campbell Naismith - Bagpipes
Produced By Greg Penny

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Thanks for Party & Welcoming. Can you post the first EP from them if possible.

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Thanks for posting these!!! I've been trying to track down some Gleaming Spires for a while, as none of their albums seem to be in print.

Do you have more Spires that you will be posting in the future?

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I may post some more in the near future!

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P.S. I used to see these guys play all the time in the early 80's (and as Bates Motel b4 that...) Great band!!

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All downloads available on the main page. Enjoy!

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