Ron Walker - Blue Diamond Man (1990) [Cassette]

Ron Walker, a high school classmate and friend, put out this self-released cassette to rave reviews in 1990. Walker, an extremely talented and charismatic musician, handles most of the instruments on the 6 songs. Quality isn't perfect as it's a cassette transfer but it's well worth a listen.
Walker later went on to form The Stumbles, an extremely popular Arizona act.

Here is a review from the local New Times (Serene Dominic):


Published: February 19, 1992

RON WALKER Blue Diamond Man
(local tape)

"Solid" and "shiny" are the words here.
Glendale rocker Ron Walker likes to do things his way. On Blue Diamond Man, he sings everything and takes all the writing credits-save for the tape's single ballad, the sad but pleasant "Echoes of Laughter." Walker also takes the lion's share of the string and keyboard work here and lets no one sit behind the drum kit but himself. His one-man-band approach is rock-sturdy. From the Beatlesque, shake-it-up-baby "Stay Out of the Rain," to the Romantics-flavored, drum-heavy fun of "U Don't Know," Walker has permitted these musical influences to be no more than just that.

On the funkified-and most lyrically polished-song "Don't Take My Advice," Walker's fine, rangy voice shows its brightness and versatility. Overall, Blue Diamond Man is a steady-at times downright flashy-howdy-do by a musician who should be around for a spell.

The "Band"
Ron Walker - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars,Bass, Keys and Drums
Kerry Jackson - Background Vocals,Guitars,Bass, Keys
Darryl Walker - Background Vocals

All songs written by Ron Walker except Echoes Of Laughter by Ron and Darryl Walker
Produced by Kerry Jackson and Ron Walker

Downloads all available on main page :


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It has been re-uploaded! :)

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Could you repost Blue Diamond Man?

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I've reposted it, enjoy!

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Thanks for BDM upload and the Stumbles Best Of. I work with Ron and look forward to sharing this with him. Do you have any Middletown or Big Moxie?

C said...

Tell Ron PJ said hi and to contact me if he could. I do have Middletown and Big Moxie and will post them sometime!

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