Blind Dates - Don't/Hold On 7" (1983)

A reccomendation by a friend, I picked up this 7" on eBay.
From The Providence Eagle (June 30th, 1983 Providence, RI by Bob Tannenbaum):
The debut single from Providence's Blind Dates reminds me of Seven Up; It's clean, crisp and refreshing. Producer Josh Gutfreund deserves special credit for succesfully capturing the band's rhythmic complexities on vinyl without obscuring the catchiness of the songs' hooks.
Side one, "Don't" is a brisk pop tune which showcases Sean Altman's multi-tracked, innocent tenor, but the flip side, "Hold On" is a more impressive cut. David Ward's thick, reggae-ish bass line is the pulse of the song, simultaneously melodic and rhythmic, while drummer Jason Springers puncuates the arrangements with sharp syncopation and guitarist Josh Deutsch chimes in with bright harmonics. The lyrics will never be quoted as especially profound, but that's nitpicking - with crystalline production, fine melodies, and one of the best rhythm sections around, this is an impressive single.

The Blind Dates toured in support of Cyndi Lauper, Greg Khin,'Til Tuesday, Men Without Hats, Romeo Void and Fishbone before breaking up. More Info

Blind Dates:
Sean Altman - Vocals
Josh Deutsch - Guitars
Jason Spingarn - Drums
David Ward - Bass

Produced by Josh Gutfreund
All songs written by Josh Deutsch

Savage Records

Downloads all available on main page :

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