X-Streams - K-15 Presents...7" (1980) & Friends/Lights 12" (1985?) & In The Night (1987)

Kurt Mayberry's Mod/Ska/Reggae/New Wave band from Arizona during the 80's, these are the 3 releases I know they had.
The 7" K-15 Presents from 1980, the 12" I am guessing is from around 1985 and the 6 song ep In The Night from 1987.

Excerpts from the Pete Gilstrap New Times article June 29, 1995, a few weeks after singer Kurt Mayberry's death:
...The X-Streams, one of the bigger Valley bands to come out of the New Wave/ska scene in the early Eighties. Mayberry, along with his wife, Debbie, purchased the Sun Club in 1989, a legendary Tempe rock dive now immortalized forever on the cover of Dead Hot Workshop's new 1001 album.

Bob Steinhilber co-founded the X-Streams with Peter Tessensohn, Steve Kriol and Lorraine Springer. Steinhilber played drums in the band until 1985. He says that Mayberry was the final ingredient that made things take off. "We had Kurt come along, and from the git-go, it was just great. I've played in a lot of bands, and for some reason, this just clicked right away. . .

...the X-Streams were a big draw in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The Band K-15 Presents:
Stephen Kriol - Rythm (sic) Guitar and Vocals
Kurt Mayberry - Lead Guitar and Vocals
I-Raine Springer - Lead Vocals
I-Bob I-Rono - Drums and Vocals
Peter Tessensohn - Bass and Vocals

The Band Friends/Lights 12":
Kurt Mayberry - Vocals
Peter Tessensohn - Bass, Vocals
Bob Steinhilber - Drums
Mike Tempo - Percussion
Philip Marlow - Saxophone

Produced by Mayberry/Tessensohn
Co-Produced by Debi Mayberry

The Band In The Night:
Kurt Mayberry - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Peter Tessensohn - Bass, Vocals
Pat Sweeney -Drums, Vocals
Philip "Bunky" Marlow - Sax

Produced by Mayberry/Tessensohn/Sweeney
Co-Produced by Debi Mayberry

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/

Video (Joel Samuel Presents) from Youtube


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Still need to send pics to you


David said...

All three of these have dropped off ZSHare. :(

PJS said...

Refreshed the links for ya!

Greg said...

BIG THANX! I lost my copy of the X-Streams K-15 record decades ago. One of my favorite records. One of my favorite bands. Good people. I will never forget seeing them live at the Razz. Boy, that Loraine...
By the way, the other 2 discs are gone, can you re-upload them?

PJS said...

I have re-uploaded the files, enjoy!

Rick said...
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Rick said...
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Nicole said...


My name is Nicole (daughter of I-RAINE Springer), I particularly would like to talk to Greg if he would sign on. I was a young girl when the x-streams were gigging and I have many fond memories of the band practicing in the living room of moms' apartment. Greg, please contact me at Triniprefect@gmail.com

Deb said...

If you could forward any recordings for Kurt`s daughters, Singer and Jasmine that would be great!

C said...

I have refreshed all the links, enjoy!

Tone and Wave said...

Thank you very much.
I came across your site while I was searching for a tracklisting for the EP and I struck gold!

Thanks for taking the time to re-up these!

Sean said...

Hey Pat -

Thank you for this. Shoot me an e-mail some time - you & Matt were definitely huge influences on my life, and I'd love to catch up...

-Sean Doyle