Brian Beverly - Eleven It Ends (1981)

1981 LP from Brian Beverly, who sings and plays guitar (and even piano) on this poppy effort. Beverly takes solo writing credits for all the songs but one, which he shares with drummer Gary Ferguson. Member Marty Walsh went on to be in Inspiral Carpets. Produced by Beverly and L.A. legend Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Blasters, Beat Farmers and Translator among many others). Released on Takoma Records and distributed by Chrysalis Records.

Musicians on various tracks:
Brian Beverly - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Marty Walsh - Guitar, Piano
Kenny Lewis - Bass
Gary Ferguson - Drums
Steve Berlin - Saxophone
Pat Murray - Guitar
Pat Noland - Bass

Produced by Brian Beverly and Steve Berlin
Executive Producer - Michael Hoffman & Neville Johnson

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Anonymous said...

Just when i thought i had heard it all...thanks!

I've found some of the most diverse and surprising records I've hever heard on this blog of yours. All the best!

PJS said...

Thanks for the kind words!

David said...

This one has also dropped off ZShare.

PJS said...

It has been re-uploaded! Enjoy!

asiab3 said...


This album seems to have been deleted from the host? Would you mind re-uploading it so us younger folk without turntables could give it a listen?


Marty said...

Link is dead. Could you re-upload?