Burning Bush - Tales From The Bush (1988?) and Revolution Without Guns 7"

Burning Bush was a local Arizona female trio that always reminded me of a cross between minutemen and Red Hot Chili Peppers. They formed in the mid 80's but hit their stride towards the end of the 80's when their lineup solidified. I'm pretty sure I picked up the Cassette - Tales from The Bush (9 Songs) at a party in the parking lot of Stinkweeds Records. It was the first time I'd heard them and they absolutely blew me away! I'm guessing it was around 1988 but that is a complete guess. And maybe I'm dreaming about the party.
The 7" came out in 1991 on Vinyl Communications and features 3 songs and is a heavier sound than the cassette.

Burning Bush was:
Denise Tanguay - Bass, Vocals
Audrey Creed - Drums
Thomascyne Buckley - Guitar, Vocal

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/


TFO said...

i was friends with those gals, but it was after Barbara Bush, their last drummer, had joined. Then Thomascyne and Denise moved to Portland and i lost track of them after writing them a few times. They played on a bill with my band Adulterous Woman for a theme show we put on at Hollywood Alley called Burn Your Barbie in late 1992. I wish i could track them down.

Thomascyne said...


I'm still in Portland and I'm currently re-activated musically. I hope to do some recording soon of new stuff and a tiny of new stuff from fun but shortlived project called Fish Society. Visit me at http://www.myspace.com/thomascyne

Thanks for the crazy good review here at azblogspot and special thanks for the downloads. You rock!

Peace & Love, Thomascyne

PJS said...

Thanks for the kind words!
Best of luck to Fish Society!

eric said...

I'm EXTREMELY happy to have these! I heard the "Revolution Without Guns" 7" when it came out, but haven't heard it since. Sounded fantastic then, sounds fantastic now! Never knew anything about "Tales," which I'm listening to right now. Thanks for posting them, along with the many other great things that I'm discovering here. I appreciate it all very, very much.

Cynfully Luscious said...

I would be interested to have you re-up these tracks. I work for Women Rock Radio and currently promote women fronted and all women bands from the Phoenix area, this is a must for my collection! Thanks!!

C said...

I have refreshed the links, enjoy!

Rune said...

Thanks a lot for this. Been on the lookout for these for quite some time.

aitchtea said...

i loved burning bush. i was friends with denise. we were in art school together.

the more time goes on the more i think they should have been huge.

the links to download dont work anymore. any chance of getting these files somehow. i can't find my one tape but i still have one of their t-shirts.

Thomascyne said...

Howdy, you can email me at thomascyne@gmail.com or find me on facebook or myspace under the same spelling of my first name and i'll get you a copy.

C said...

all the links are now available on the main page as well!