The Distant - Secrets Of Desire (1986)

This Tucson band featured Brad Brooks, who went on to play in Pollo Elastico and Greg Minter played with Comfy Chair. A moody blend of guitars and dark, intriguing lyrics, this 8 song LP was recorded at The Sound Factory Studio. Produced by The Distant and Tucson legend Steve English.

The Band:
Bradford Brooks - Vocals
Michael Edwards - Guitar
Roc Dotson - Drums
Greg Minter - Bass Guitar

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Depressingly entertaining! These guys had a really unique sound. Thanks for this.

PJS said...

Glad You enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I was friends with Greg Minter and saw many of the Distant's shows in Tucson in the mid-1980s. They had also been known as The Buddy System. I loved them but they never seemed to draw much of a crowd. I remember being at one bar show which had an audience of three!

Anonymous said...

Such interesting material- thanks for sharing!


Fletch said...

Pity the link no longer works. I have been looking to replace this album for years. Just saw Brad play with Loren Dirks in Tucson.