Bugs Tomorrow - Bugs Tomorrow (1980)

This is a pretty accurate review from Allmusic.com:
Casablanca's contribution to the early wave of new wave, Bugs Tomorrow skitters off the turntable, combining left-field originality with the usual references: Graham Parker, XTC, and Elvis Costello. Each ditty is a diverse entity, and even with printed lyrics, some of these wild ideas fly in one ear and out the other. Luckily, tunes this tasty make the songs stick in the cerebrum cortex. "Bitter Rice" collides xenophobia with weddings. The slammin' "Summer Camp" is a single for any season. "Chimpanzees" catches an early Phish feel. The lullaby "She Walks" simply transcends, before that potent power pop perennial "tonight" puts a wrap on the work in "Everything Tonight." Bugs Tomorrow runs where most would never dare (or care) to even walk. Sententious critics called Bugs' sole slab a calculated blender, but like Devo, that's the point. (Where London Calling mentions Montgomery Cliff, this record mentions Montgomery Ward.) Just kick back and enjoy this kooky capsule from one of rock's most erratic and entertaining eras. ~ Whitney Z. Gomes, All Music Guide

Morley Bartnof was in Arizona's own Cosmo Topper. David Vaught played bass or engineered numerous groups including Primitive Radio Gods, Toad The Wet Sprocket and Lone Justice.

Bugs Tomorrow are:
Bugs - Guitars and Vocals
Morley Bartnof - Keyboars and Vocals
Andrew Campbell-Hare - Drums, Percussion and Vocals
David Vaught - Bass
Barry Carson - Bass on "Experience"

Executive Producer Bruce Bird

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Modest Proposal - Nobody Says No / I've Seen Your Face ...7" (1985)

Nobody Says No is a long-time favorite of mine from this Washington, DC band. Released on One Dimension Records in 1985. I don't believe they had any other records.

Modest Proposal:
Neal Augenstein - Vocals
Bill Crandall - Guitar: Backing Vocals
Perry Flint - Electric Bass
Bob Minard - Drums

Produced by: Wick

Recorded at Hit & Run studio in Rockville, MD

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Illustrated Man - Mini LP (1984)

From Wikipedia: Illustrated Man (circa 1984) were a funk-rock band featuring Hugo Burnham (ex-Gang of Four), Roger Mason (The Models)(keyboards), Rob Dean (ex-Japan guitarist) and Australian singer/bassist Philip Foxman(Supernaut).

They had hits with songs such as ‘Head over Heels’ ‘Just Enough’ and ‘Fall from Grace’ and their sound was likened to UK bands such as Japan, Simple Minds and Duran Duran - they are also believed to have influenced Inxs.

Consisting of some excellent musicians with a successful track record, the band was initially hailed as a supergroup - Roger Mason had recorded and toured internationally with artists such as Gary Numan, Rob Dean had been an integral part of Japan and Hugo Burnham had been part of the highly influential Gang of Four (Jon King, Dave Allen, Hugo Burnham and Andy Gill).

Regarded as an excellent live band they were thought to be the next big thing but their success was relatively short-lived.

Foxman is still making music: Buy his CD!

Robert Dean - Guitar And Noises
Roger Mason - Keyboards And Computers
Hugo Burnham - Premier Drums And Percussion
Phillip Foxman - Bass Guitars And Lead Vocals

Produced By John Punter

Both Head Over Heels Mixes by Steve Thompson
Just Enough remixed by John Luongo

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