Fade To Black - Corridors Of Gender (1984)

Goth Rock from this San Francisco band, in addition to appearing on The Rock To Riches LP from 1984 sponsored by The Quake FM 99, they also released this 5 song Ep in 1984 on C.D. Presents.

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/

Gentlemen Afterdark - Gentlemen Afterdark Ep (1983)

Produced by legendary Phoenix rocker Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner, this 4 song Ep released in 1983 by Gentlemen Afterdark (former members of the Pills - Brian Smith, Robin Johnson and Fred Cross and Winston Watson)who were wildly popular on the local scene. Drummer Winston Watson went on to play with Bob Dylan.

Robin Johnson - Guitars, Extra Voices
Barry Smith - Violin, Keyboards
Fred Cross - Bass
Winston A. Watson Jr. -Drums
Brian Smith - Words, Voices

Mike Bolton - Executive Producer

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Innocence In Danger - Innocence In Danger Ep (1984)

Angela Bond and Steve Parry were the two main principals of this New Wave group and this 5 song self-titled Ep from 1984 featured Carlos "Guitarlos" Alomar, who has played with everyone from Bowie to The Scissor Sisters!

Angela Bond
Steve Parry
Carlos Alomar - Guitars
Jimmy Rip - Guitars
Robin Clark & Laura Williams - Vocals

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Jonny Sevin - Self-Titled LP (1982)

This Power Pop gem is from Tucson, Arizona band Jonny Sevin. Described as punky/New Wave during their run, members went on to be in many bands, most notably Yard Trauma and Weather Jacket.
Produced by Bill Cashman and released on Art Attack Records, I have copies of the Lp in both Red and Black Vinyl.

Members include:
Mark Smythe - Lead Vocals, Lead guitar
Joe Dodge - Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Lee Joseph - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Pen Pendleton - Drum Kits

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Tweed Sneakers - Out On The Prowl (1980) Ep

Described as New Wave at the time, this San Diego band really is more in the Rockabilly category.This 4 song Ep was produced by Tweed Sneakers and was released on Bongorama Records. Fred Lahmann wrote all the songs.

Freddie Lahmann - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
John Poehner - Bass, Vocals
Skippy - Drums, Vocals
Paul Martin - Guitar work

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The Pills - 4 Song Mini LP (1980)

This Tucson, Arizona band ruled the club scene from 1979-1983 before moving to Phoenix and changing their name to Gentlemen Afterdark.

Guitarist Robin Johnson later went on to play in the Sidewinders, Sand Rubies, and Maryanne, and currently plays guitar with desert rockers Greyhound Soul. The Pills were led by Brian Smith who would later form the The Beat Angels in the mid-90's, which combined punk, glam, and pop in their raucous performances and released two CD's.

For a live recording of the Pills:

Members on this recording:
Fred Cross - Bass
Rex Estell - Drums
Brian Smith - Lead Vocals
Robin Johnson - Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Mark Smythe - Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Randy Valentine - Piano (on Hollywood Doll & Pills)
"Juke Joint Johnnie", Randy La Boo - Tenor & Alto Sax (on Pills)

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New Presidents - Stand For Change (1983)

San Diego band The New Presidents released this 1983 Ep Stand For Change.

It features (Robert Vaughn)- Main Vocals and "Backwards" Guitar and Dane Conover (from The Puppies & Trees) -Producer, Synthesizer & Background Vocals.

They had one song that appeared on the 1983 - 91X Rock To Riches LP (We All Fall Down) and there is heavy Psychedelic Furs influences.

Robert Vaughn- Main Vocals, "Backwards" Guitar
Anthony Deluz - Guitars, Acoustics
Steve Kocherhans - Sax, Flute
Greg Larocco - The Beat
Doug Boone - Bass
Leo Correia - Rhythms
Dane Conover - Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Rick Norris - Background Vocals

1983 Lost Kingdom Records

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Radio Architecture - To Have Or To Be (1988)

Scottsdale, Arizona Synth-based group Radio Architecture had this local release in 1988 on their own label. Picked up a sealed copy recently at PDQ Records in Tucson.
Spandau Ballet, Ultravox and Heaven 17 all come to mind when listening.

Todd Carrie - Vocals, Bass
Brett Curtin - Vocals, Keyboards, Congas
Kevin Crosslin - Guitar, Synthesizer
Todd Jewell - Drums, Percussion
Adam Burke - Sitar
Kelly Ehret - Saxaphone

Written And Produced by Radio Architecture
All Songs copyright 1988 Radio Architecture

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The Bank - 10" Record (1980)

Power Pop from 1980 Hollywood, California band The Bank on Vault Records.

Larry Neil Henderson - Bass, Vocals
Macho Rockafeller - Drums
Dino Ferrari - Guitar, Vocals

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The Spiffs- Don't Waste Your Money On This Garbage (1980)

This 1980 five song 7" from Scottsdale, Arizona band The Spiffs led by Glenn De Jongh (who later went on to play in many Arizona bands as well as playing guitar for Bob Welch) is standard guitar pop.

Glenn De Jongh - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Bill Webb - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Walt Boone - Vocals, Drums

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Young Snakes- Bark Along With The Young Snakes (1982)

A pre-'til Tuesday Aimee Mann leads this Boston band, with this EP being their only output besides the single "Brains And Eggs" that appeared on the compilation LP "A Wicked Good Time!".

Aimee Mann - Vocals, Bass
Doug Vargas - Guitar
Mike Evans - Drums
Michael Hausman - Additional Percussion (He later went on to be the drummer in 'til Tuesday and also became Aimee's manager)

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/

New Marines -I Like Baseball 7"

Probably my all-time favorite band, New Marines, from Pasadena, California, released their debut single in 1980. I Like Baseball b/w From These Parts. Although I didn't pick it up until 1982 at Off The Record in San Diego, this awesome slab of vinyl with it's keyboard driven style was an instant classic. Neither song was included on any of their future releases.

Band members:
Martin Kelley - Keyboards, Vocals
J. Scott Riker - Drums
Pierre Smith - Guitars, Vocals
Brad Thiel - Bass, Vocals
James Thiel - Guitar, Vocals (later releases Jazbo Thiel)

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/