Shor Patrol - Loverboy ep (1983)

Baltimore band Shor Patrol, featuring Alana Shor on vocals was a huge local success and had some national attention with their song "Loverboy". Morphing from Club favorites Paper Cup, they changed their name to Shor Patrol and released this 4 song ep in 1983 on Arista Records. Produced by Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd's The Wall).

The Band:
Alana Shor - Lead Vocals
Don Wimbrough - Keyboards
Franco Theodore - Guitar
Darryl Matarozza - Bass
John Loren Dotson - Drums

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X-Streams - K-15 Presents...7" (1980) & Friends/Lights 12" (1985?) & In The Night (1987)

Kurt Mayberry's Mod/Ska/Reggae/New Wave band from Arizona during the 80's, these are the 3 releases I know they had.
The 7" K-15 Presents from 1980, the 12" I am guessing is from around 1985 and the 6 song ep In The Night from 1987.

Excerpts from the Pete Gilstrap New Times article June 29, 1995, a few weeks after singer Kurt Mayberry's death:
...The X-Streams, one of the bigger Valley bands to come out of the New Wave/ska scene in the early Eighties. Mayberry, along with his wife, Debbie, purchased the Sun Club in 1989, a legendary Tempe rock dive now immortalized forever on the cover of Dead Hot Workshop's new 1001 album.

Bob Steinhilber co-founded the X-Streams with Peter Tessensohn, Steve Kriol and Lorraine Springer. Steinhilber played drums in the band until 1985. He says that Mayberry was the final ingredient that made things take off. "We had Kurt come along, and from the git-go, it was just great. I've played in a lot of bands, and for some reason, this just clicked right away. . .

...the X-Streams were a big draw in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The Band K-15 Presents:
Stephen Kriol - Rythm (sic) Guitar and Vocals
Kurt Mayberry - Lead Guitar and Vocals
I-Raine Springer - Lead Vocals
I-Bob I-Rono - Drums and Vocals
Peter Tessensohn - Bass and Vocals

The Band Friends/Lights 12":
Kurt Mayberry - Vocals
Peter Tessensohn - Bass, Vocals
Bob Steinhilber - Drums
Mike Tempo - Percussion
Philip Marlow - Saxophone

Produced by Mayberry/Tessensohn
Co-Produced by Debi Mayberry

The Band In The Night:
Kurt Mayberry - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Peter Tessensohn - Bass, Vocals
Pat Sweeney -Drums, Vocals
Philip "Bunky" Marlow - Sax

Produced by Mayberry/Tessensohn/Sweeney
Co-Produced by Debi Mayberry

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Video (Joel Samuel Presents) from Youtube

Blind Dates - Don't/Hold On 7" (1983)

A reccomendation by a friend, I picked up this 7" on eBay.
From The Providence Eagle (June 30th, 1983 Providence, RI by Bob Tannenbaum):
The debut single from Providence's Blind Dates reminds me of Seven Up; It's clean, crisp and refreshing. Producer Josh Gutfreund deserves special credit for succesfully capturing the band's rhythmic complexities on vinyl without obscuring the catchiness of the songs' hooks.
Side one, "Don't" is a brisk pop tune which showcases Sean Altman's multi-tracked, innocent tenor, but the flip side, "Hold On" is a more impressive cut. David Ward's thick, reggae-ish bass line is the pulse of the song, simultaneously melodic and rhythmic, while drummer Jason Springers puncuates the arrangements with sharp syncopation and guitarist Josh Deutsch chimes in with bright harmonics. The lyrics will never be quoted as especially profound, but that's nitpicking - with crystalline production, fine melodies, and one of the best rhythm sections around, this is an impressive single.

The Blind Dates toured in support of Cyndi Lauper, Greg Khin,'Til Tuesday, Men Without Hats, Romeo Void and Fishbone before breaking up. More Info

Blind Dates:
Sean Altman - Vocals
Josh Deutsch - Guitars
Jason Spingarn - Drums
David Ward - Bass

Produced by Josh Gutfreund
All songs written by Josh Deutsch

Savage Records

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The Distant - Secrets Of Desire (1986)

This Tucson band featured Brad Brooks, who went on to play in Pollo Elastico and Greg Minter played with Comfy Chair. A moody blend of guitars and dark, intriguing lyrics, this 8 song LP was recorded at The Sound Factory Studio. Produced by The Distant and Tucson legend Steve English.

The Band:
Bradford Brooks - Vocals
Michael Edwards - Guitar
Roc Dotson - Drums
Greg Minter - Bass Guitar

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Brian Beverly - Eleven It Ends (1981)

1981 LP from Brian Beverly, who sings and plays guitar (and even piano) on this poppy effort. Beverly takes solo writing credits for all the songs but one, which he shares with drummer Gary Ferguson. Member Marty Walsh went on to be in Inspiral Carpets. Produced by Beverly and L.A. legend Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Blasters, Beat Farmers and Translator among many others). Released on Takoma Records and distributed by Chrysalis Records.

Musicians on various tracks:
Brian Beverly - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Marty Walsh - Guitar, Piano
Kenny Lewis - Bass
Gary Ferguson - Drums
Steve Berlin - Saxophone
Pat Murray - Guitar
Pat Noland - Bass

Produced by Brian Beverly and Steve Berlin
Executive Producer - Michael Hoffman & Neville Johnson

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Burning Bush - Tales From The Bush (1988?) and Revolution Without Guns 7"

Burning Bush was a local Arizona female trio that always reminded me of a cross between minutemen and Red Hot Chili Peppers. They formed in the mid 80's but hit their stride towards the end of the 80's when their lineup solidified. I'm pretty sure I picked up the Cassette - Tales from The Bush (9 Songs) at a party in the parking lot of Stinkweeds Records. It was the first time I'd heard them and they absolutely blew me away! I'm guessing it was around 1988 but that is a complete guess. And maybe I'm dreaming about the party.
The 7" came out in 1991 on Vinyl Communications and features 3 songs and is a heavier sound than the cassette.

Burning Bush was:
Denise Tanguay - Bass, Vocals
Audrey Creed - Drums
Thomascyne Buckley - Guitar, Vocal

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Design For Living - For A Moment ep (1984)

A cool find from St. Marx Music in New York City about a year ago, I finally got around to taking a listen and really have enjoyed this 3 song ep with an upbeat Synth sound from (I'm guessing) New York band Design For Living on Red Fence Records. Recorded at Tiki Studio - Glen Cove, NY. I know they put out one other 6 song ep called Slowly Shouting.

Band Members:
Stephen Bennett - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Stevie Reno - Guitars, Korg Poly Six, Huh!
Jimmy Ross - Drums And Percussion

All songs written and produced by Design For Living

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