New Download Set-Up

As a major improvement to the blog and an incredible way to simplify things for me, I have added two download links in the upper left hand corner of the home page, you can go to dropbox and download whatever you'd like and I won't have to refresh the links every 30 days. this will allow me to spend some time posting new stuff!  Enjoy!
I have also added a donate button  as some of you have requested if you wanted to help defray some costs of operating the blog but please don't feel obligated. I am doing this for the love of the music, not to make a living!


Finally have found some time and went through all the messages, so much spam it became overwhelming to keep up. I plan on refreshing all the links very soon, I am looking for a way to do it so I don't have to keep refreshing the links, any suggestions are more than welcome, shoot me an e-mail at azlocal AT gmail. com, I will start checking it again!