The Cheeters - Easy To Please Me/You Ain't Breakin' Nobody's Heart 7" (1985)

This 7" is from 1985 is pretty straight ahead 80's AOR, professionally done, notable for being engineered and mixed by Butch Vig (who also
produced their 1988 full length). They also had a 7" single in 1986, all released on Boat Records. Vig also takes credit for tambourines. recorded and Mixed at Smart Studios in Madison, WI.

Produced by William W. Caplinger and The Cheeters

Dr. Dave Dodger - acoustic and Simmons drums, vocals
Tom Cobb - guitar, vocals
Ashley Harrington - vocals, percussion
Pete Moss - bass, vocals
C.J. Summerfield - guitar, keyboards, vocals

Backing vocals on "Easy To Please Me"- Ashley Harrington, Christine Hess, Lynette Marguiles, Kristy Larson
Handclaps by Eddie Reynolds, The Cheeters, Lynette
Keyboards on "Easy To Please Me" - Franz Zermuehlen

The Cheeters (more songs) Dean Richard's Cheeters site

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The Rads - Dr. Love/Truly Julie 7" (1982)

From 1982 Arizona master musician Kerry Jackson's band The Rads turned out this pop rock 7". Produced by The Rads and engineered by Avi Kipper, Assisted by Susan Whipple. Recorded at Hit City West.

Kerry Jackson -lead vocals, guitar, piano,percussion
Gary Wilkes - covals, guitar
Lloyd Moffitt - bass
Del Hopkins - drums, percussion

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Norm Norman - Norm Norman Ep (1983)

The only release I believe from Norm Norman/The Norm released in 1983 on High Velocity Records/Rocshire records, this 6 song self-titled Ep featured You're A Zombie which received alternative radio airplay and an MTV video featuring Billy Barty. Produced by Norm Norman and Paul Ratajczak except 5 & 6 by Norm Norman and Ted Vegvari.

Norm Norman - Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitars
Allan Adams - Keyboards, Marimba, Background [1-3]
Larry Bustamante - Lead and Rhythm Guitars [1-4]
Paul Comstock - Drums [1-4]
Chuck Jones - Bass [1-4]
Wendy Joy - Backing Vocals, PR
Dan Hurley - Guitars and Backing Vocals [5-6]
Ted Vegvari - Bass [5-6]
Richie Mortensen - Drums [5-6]
Corky Tanassy - Rhythm Guitar [1]

Front Cover by Cee Farrow
Back cover by Rosie Fitts

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Tao Overstreet - Misunderstood (1993)

From Tempe, Arizona,  Tao Overstreet was wildly across the map in musical style. They later went on to become Idols Of Perversity. This is a CD rip.

From Peter Gilstrap and Serene Dominic's Tapes In the Mail from the August 1994 New Times:

Most local bands' idea of "dedication" is finding one group to emulate and then copy it up the wazoo. Tempe's Tao Overstreet chooses the less-traveled road by taking on several different styles--metal, rap, tribal punk--all at once. A&R people hate it when groups hop musical genres as often as Tao does on its Misunderstood CD, but the good news is that the band pulls off everything it sets out to do. Exceptionally well.
Each of the band's three singer-songwriters exhibits a healthy balance of wit and humour. The most hilarious moments belong to Page Davis, who makes insightful observations about "Teenage Plastic Surgery" (Her big nose bothers her like a disease/She wants nostrils like a Pekingese") and what it's like to be a "Has Been." Who can resist this tender tale of a washed-up, fortysomething musician who assures his 18-year-old trollop that he's several years younger than Keith, but many, many years younger than Mick?
Guitarist Bee Sanders' dead-on Perry Farrell impersonation is another real hoot, and "Strange" is as hooky as Jane's Addiction's best-loved material. But since the Farrell bit appears again several times more throughout the CD, the mimicry is less an homage than it is a hard habit to curb. That he's good enough to fool most listeners is still high praise, indeed. It might take you some time before you can understand Misunderstood, but it's certainly a fun jigsaw to figure out. Easily the most impressive self-produced CD (ditto for the packaging) that's come across the desk this year.

Page Davis - Lead Vocals, Bass
Bee Sanders - Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards
Jimmy Schwenk - Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Mandolin

Blaster Lead Vocals by Kevin Cline

Produced By Jimmy Schwenk
Co-Produced by Page Davis and Bee Sanders
Exec. Producer - Will Yeaton/Dig Bodhi Records

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