Jagged Rocks On The Perimeter - The Soldier And The Painter (1986)

Arizona based Jagged Rocks On The Perimeter released this outstanding disc in 1986, garnering lots of local support and airplay on KEYX (The Key). The LP is solid, reminding me at times of Let's Active or Three O'Clock. Neil Hounchell was the drummer in the early days, being replaced by Richard Contadino by the time they recorded this LP.

The Band:

Jimmy Booth - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Richard Contadino - Drums,Backing Vocals

Timothy Ferguson - Bass, Backing Vocals
Scott Wilkinson - Lead Guitar, Keyboards

Produced by Jagged Rocks On the Perimeter and Alan Moore

Julie Phillips - Female Voice On The Soldier And The Painter

Downloads all available on main page : http://azlocal.blogspot.com/


Scott Wilkinson said...


This is Scott Wilkinson.
Does anyone know what happened to the other members of this band?

Sincerely, Scott

Scott Wilkinson said...


This is Scott Wilkinson.

Anyone know what happened to Jim Booth and Tim Ferguson?

Anonymous said...
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Jenn said...

I remember JROP! They played at my high school, Horizon, in 1986(?). I even have a flier for their shows at the Purple Turtle.
Fun to see the info of all the local Phx bands.

Anonymous said...

There is a possibility that Jim Booth is living in Tybee Island,Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Jimmy Booth joined the French Foreign Legion and was currently serving in Algeria. I understand he joined the Legion after a failed relationship with a French actress.

sleepy said...

Ian Mills is still alive. I still have the tubs! How can I reach you? How is your family? Jim? Tim? Hope you are well Scott.

sleepy said...

Hi Scott,

I am still alive. I still have the tubs. Living in the Northwest. How do I get a hold of you? How is Tim, Jim and your family?

Ian Mills

sleepy said...
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Anonymous said...

Where's Waldo?
Where's Jimmy Booth?

Scott Wilkinson said...

OK everyone... Rich, Ian,(Jim is that you posting as anonymous?). If you want to reach me you can contact me through our church website:


or my email which is my last name (at) rogers.com - I hope that makes sense. Sorry I didn't get back to this thread sooner.

Sincerely, Scott Wilkinson

P.S. I picked up the guitar again (after 20 years and started recording an album (Christian pop rock genre) with a friend in my area. Let me know if you would be interested in hearing some stuff from it. It has been a very slow process as I am a pastor and have a lovely family with six kids.

Ron Partin has been helping me out a great deal with melody lines etc. Anyway, perhaps I will hear from some of you directly.

Gonzo said...

This was one of my favorite albums back in the day. Too bad some things just don't pan out. Is there anyway to get hold of this album?

TIMOTHY said...

CONTACT ME ASAP. 601-983-8897.

Anonymous said...

Could you refresh the link? Thanks.

Laura said...

Hey Guys, this is Laura, your loyal dancer and die-hard fan. I was just going through boxes of memorabilia today and came across your album and some letters from Jimmy (along with some old Meat Puppets and Gin Blossoms posters...may you rest in peace, sweet Doug Hopkins.)

Jim was living on Tybee Island in Georgia, then went for a University exchange program in England. He mentioned that he wanted to go back to study law in Athens. Who knows where he is now.

I'd love to see a reunion tour. I'd be dancing in my spot at the front of the stage.

xoxo Laura

Laura said...

Hello from one of the JROTP fans from long ago. My groupie girlfriends and I were at almost every single show dancing our faces off until the bitter end.

I've since moved to SF and have been happy to have escaped the AZ heat, but I still have my Jagged Rocks record and lots of happy memories!

What ever happened to Jimmy and Tom? Are they still in the South? Last I heard, Jimmy was feeling the call to move to Europe. I think he was studying International Law. I wonder where he landed or if his gypsy soul is still traveling the globe.

I'd love to see a reunion tour!! Make it happen, guys!

xoxo Laura

Allison said...

LOVED hearing this album!

Jim, if you're not too busy in Algeria, drop me a line....hope you patched things up with your French actress...

All the Best,

Anonymous said...


Seek and ye shall find.......

Dan Valentine said...

This is Dan Valentine I was the original drummer in Jagged Rocks. I was the one who played at Horizion HS and I was the drummer when Jim and Scott picked the name of the band. I don't know who Niel Hounehell was but I played with the band everynight at the Mason Jar for well over a year. Look on thecover of the LP. My name is there. I love these guys and had the time of my life. Just want to get the story correct.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI... Later in the bands life they were auditioning drummers and a confident young 18 year old named Travis McNabb walked in and blew everyone away. He stayed with the band for a bit, but went on to do some pretty great things.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'd love to buy a copy of this LP. Anyone out there have a copy fro sale? Thanks! Wallace/the Silent Boys

Unknown said...

I have a box of these LP's...

Unknown said...

I'd love to buy a copy. , Kenton. Were you in the band?
Please email me at w.dietz@comcast.net if you would like to sell one. Thanks Wallace